WATCH: Thousands of Trump Fans Stranded in Freezing Cold Hours After Nebraska Rally, 7 Reportedly Hospitalized


Thousands of supporters were stranded in the freezing cold following President Donald Trump’s rally in Nebraska due to a shortage of buses, including at least seven who were reportedly hospitalized.

Trump held another packed, mostly-maskless rally in Omaha Tuesday night, in an effort to secure a single Electoral College vote. The crowd was estimated at anywhere between 6,000 and 10,000, or as Trump put it, 29,000. White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany tweeted up close evidence of the crowd size and mask compliance.

In addition to his many other familiar rally riffs, Trump at one point remarked on the weather in a bit of unintentional foreshadowing.

As supporters chanted “Lock him up!”, Trump asked the crowd “Is there any place that you’d rather be than a Trump rally on about a 10 degree evening?”

Several hours later, those words would hang in the darkness over a freezing throng waiting to get back to their cars. CNN’s Jeff Zeleny reported “thousands of his supporters remain stranded on a dark road outside the rally. ‘We need at least 30 more buses,’ an Omaha police officer just said, shaking his head at the chaotic cluster that is unfolding.”

Fox News’ Jeff Paul posted video of the huddled masses, taken an hour and a half after the rally ended.

About an hour after Trump took off following the rally, Omaha Scanner began tweeting reports of stranded people needing medical attention.

They later reported at least 30 people were given medical attention, and 7 were taken to the hospital.

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