(500) Days of Obama: Reporter Documents His Attempt to Get a Presidential Interview

Getting a presidential interview is a pretty big deal, and obviously a lot goes into it. So ex-Politico reporter and filmmaker Patrick Gavin has decided, with 500 days left in the Obama presidency, to not just attempt to score an interview with President Obama, but to take everyone behind the scenes of how one goes about attempting to get an interview with the President of the United States.

Gavin––who similarly pulled back the curtain on the lovefest that is the White House Correspondents Dinner (a.k.a. “nerd prom”)––kicked off his 500-day vlog on YouTube with a video of him calling the White House and making an inquiry.

In an interview with Poynter, Gavin says he wants to show the distinction between getting an interview with the president and earning it:

I don’t think getting an interview with the president should be easy. It should be hard. You have to earn it. I have an enormous amount of respect for the office, and I also have a lot of respect for the other White House correspondents who work hard to get their interview requests filled, too (if they’re lucky). I don’t think that me starting a YouTube series means I’m somehow entitled to an interview. If the process works as it should — meaning I do my work and put in the time — I’d probably argue that I’d deserve an interview with the president at exactly the 500th day.

If he gets to talk with Obama, Gavin makes it clear he wants to “get to know interview subjects as humans and individuals, with various ambitions, egos and values,” and so he won’t be discussing policy or the campaign.

Mediaite will be keeping track of Gavin’s attempt and whether he’s able to accomplish this feat.

You can watch Gavin’s first video here:

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