Alan Dershowitz Lashes Out at Miami Herald Epstein Reporting and Calls on Pulitzer Committee to Ignore It


Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz is attacking the Pulitzer Prize Committee and saying in an open letter they shouldn’t award the Miami Herald for their reporting on the Jeffrey Epstein case.

“Pulitzers shouldn’t encourage fake news and false “me too” accusations,” Dershowitz wrote on Twitter. “Don’t give the prize to Miami Herald for its uncritical reliance on a proven liar as its principal source and it unwillingness to publish evidence that undercut its source.”

For months, Dershowitz has been slamming the Herald and journalist Julie Brown for reporting the allegation that he participated in Epstein’s sex-trafficking ring for underaged girls. In an open letter Dershowitz addressed to the Pulitzer Committee on Wednesday, he accused Brown of ignoring key details about the Epstein case and basing her reporting on “false tips from self-interested lawyers who used the series to their financial advantage.”

“Brown refused to investigate and/or publish highly credible information that undercut the simplistic and largely false narrative fed her by her biased sources. I know, because I have been providing her with much of the documents and information she chose to bury rather than report. Had she reported this contradictory material, she would have endangered the Pulitzer Prize she has been aiming to win.”

The letter goes on to say Brown has neglected to adequately note that the woman in Epstein’s sex scandal who claims to have had sex with Dershowitz has a history of falsifying sexual encounters with people. Dershowitz claims he never met the woman, that her lawyer has records to prove that they never had the encounters that supposedly took place, and that Brown omitted these details throughout her reporting on Epstein.

“This is not journalism. It is certainly not prize-worthy journalism. It is advocacy, and it is advocacy that would get a lawyer disciplined for willfully withholding exculpatory evidence. It is also advocacy that hurts the “#MeToo” movement by encouraging false reports that damage the credibility of an important movement.

So shame on Brown. Shame on the Miami Herald. And shame on the Pulitzer Committee if it fails to investigate Brown’s reporting and encourages such fake news and shoddy journalism by rewarding it.”

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