Alexandra Petri is the Most Hysterical Columnist On the Internet — Here Are Her 10 Best Tweets


New York Times contributor Lindy West once quipped that Twitter was only good for  “trolls, robots and dictators.” That bleak assessment is incorrect, however, since it ignores another — generally more uplifting — and in a class entirely alone: Alexandra Petri.

Petri snagged her own column at the Washington Post in 2010, and has been making us laugh with her devastatingly insightful writing ever since.

Choosing our ten favorite Petri tweets was no easy feat and while this list is by no means definitive, we hope it will be a nice guide for the uninitiated and the very initiated alike.

On White House purges

On the death of Roger Ailes

Flipping the script

On Stephen Miller

On GOP Senators 

On victim blaming 

On Trump-Hillary debates 

On that Chris Christie hostage situation 

On Trump’s consistent obsession with Hillary Clinton

On “the woman card”

… Don’t ever change.

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