Ana Navarro Ruthlessly Mocks Roy Moore: ‘Sore Loser and Cry Baby’


It looks like it’s finally over for Roy Moore, with the Alabama Senate election results being officially certified earlier this afternoon in favor of Doug Jones.

The accused molester of teenagers and confirmed rider of Sassy the horse did not, however, go down without a fight. The Moore camp filed a lawsuit last night, claiming election fraud — though a judge promptly dismissed the case.

With the election finally over and done with, CNN political commentator Ana Navarro had one last chance to really pile on Moore. And boy oh boy, she did not waste it.

“This is a 71-year-old guy who can now add sore loser and cry baby to pedophile, homophobe, racist guy who likes to hide behind the cloaks of Jesus Christ to say some of the most hateful, stupid things in the world,” the Republican commentator said. “This guy just doesn’t know when to quit.

“This guy is in complete denial. He needs a hobby. One that doesn’t involve being around children, or girls, in malls, but he needs to take up knitting or underwater basket weaving. Maybe he can go train Sassy. I don’t know, but this is over. Put a fork in it. You’re done.”

Navarro went on to say that although Moore will continue to be a thorn in the side of Republicans who backed him in the general election, the fallout for the candidate himself will be much worse.

Jones will be sworn in once the Senate reconvenes in early January.

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