Anderson Cooper Calls Out Paris Dennard For Defending Trump’s LeBron Tweets: ‘That’s the Response of a 12-Year-Old!’


I’m rubber and you’re glue.

That, essentially, is what Anderson Cooper makes of the argument from anyone who defends President Donald Trump by saying the president doesn’t attack others until he is attacked himself.

Monday on Anderson Cooper: 360, former George W. Bush White House staffer Paris Dennard tried to make that argument in relation to the president’s slams on LeBron James. And Cooper wasn’t having it.

“The president…is not the one that is on the attack,” Dennard said. He is always responding to things that have been said to him about by Congressman [Maxine] Waters (D-CA), by LeBron James, by others. And so, the president is not sitting there going on the attack. He is responding to. That’s the distinction.”

“That’s the response of a 12-year-old,” Cooper replied. “A 12-year-old can’t stop themselves if somebody says something, they say something equally mean or worse — or a 5-year-old. This is the President of the United States.”

“If you want to call the president a child, then you can say that LeBron James is acting like a child because he is saying these things that are petty, that are childish about the president of the United States,” Dennard said. “So it goes both ways or it doesn’t.”

Cooper closed by accusing Dennard of not being able to speak his own mind.

“Look, I get you’re a supporter of the president,” Cooper said. “And that’s your gig, and you can’t publicly break from him because then you’ll get in trouble, I guess.”

Dennard took great umbrage with that suggestion.

“Anderson, actually you’re wrong. I’m a grown man, and I have my own opinions. I don’t work for the Trump administration, I’ve never worked for the campaign, and they don’t pay me. So I have my own opinions, and I’ve been Republican since I was 16 years old, thank you.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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