Anderson Cooper: Trump on Fox & Friends Like a ‘Crazy Person on a Park Bench… Mumbling Incoherently’

President Donald Trump‘s Thursday morning interview on Fox & Friends was certainly eye-opening, and it was the talk of cable news on Wednesday. Twelve hours after the president’s ramblings aired, Anderson Cooper got his chance to weigh in. And he absolutely let loose.

After AC: 360 guest Alan Dershowitz told Cooper, “How do you ever interpret statements by Donald Trump?”, the CNN host went off.

“[D]on’t you think that it’s kind of surreal that we are in a place now as a county where we’re like ‘Oh, don’t listen to the president!’” Cooper said. “Like he’s a crazy person on a park bench with an onion tied to his belt, just mumbling incoherently. You’re saying, essentially, don’t listen to him, don’t pay attention to the words that come out of his mouth because they have no meaning.”

Cooper added:

“It was like listening to the rantings of Richard Nixon on the tapes. Except this is on live television. He’s calling in screaming, yelling into the telephone.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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