Angela Rye: It’s ‘Horrible’ That Glenn Beck Assumed BLM Was Involved in Torture Video


CNN’s New Day continued its coverage Thursday morning of the brutal Facebook Live video that allegedly depicts the torture of a special needs teen in Chicago by four assailants.

Although the Chicago police is just now beginning its investigation after arresting the four suspects, that didn’t stop The Blaze’s Glenn Beck from asserting via Twitter that they were a part of Black Lives Matter:

Alisyn Camerota invoked Beck’s name during a discussion Thursday morning about the brutal video, asking simply, “What?!”

“Why would you use this as an opportunity to start targeting Black Lives Matter?” asked guest Angela Rye incredulously. “You can not blame police killings on Black Lives Matter.”

“These folks are not trying to kill people, they’re trying to protect black lives,” Rye continued about the group that was founded in the wake of Trayvon Martin‘s killing. Then of Glenn Beck specifically, Rye asserted, “It’s horrible to put that at the feet of Black Lives Matter.”

Beck has not yet identified what he mentioned BLM in his response to the torture video. During the beating in the graphic video, the suspects can be heard shouting “f*** Donald Trump! F*** white people!” along with other racial slurs. Police will investigate whether this is defined as a hate crime, as well; the victim is currently in the hospital being treated for his injuries.

Watch above via CNN.

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