Apparently Rush Limbaugh Also Thinks Planned Parenthood Is Just Trying To Get Your Kids Hooked On Sex

In the past couple days, a video from the American Life League, a Catholic anti-abortion group, went viral due to its over the top earnestness and conviction that Planned Parenthood were like drug dealers attempting to get kids addicted to sex by showing them puppets shaped like genitals. Yesterday, I wrote that, depending on your personal beliefs, you’d either find the video to be “this century’s answer to Reefer Madness or an example of terrifying, hard-hitting journalism.” Well, it looks like Rush Limbaugh falls in the latter category as he began to quote some of the same exact arguments used in the clip.

No mention of “vagina macaroons” this time, unfortunately.

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Limbaugh made the same argument as in the video that Planned Parenthood makes all their business from abortions and is therefore motivated to get teens hooked on sex, whatever that means. And he also echoed the claim that, were a grown man to print out the educational materials on Planned Parenthood’s website, go to a park, and start showing it to children, he’d be arrested. This was ridiculous in ALL’s video and it’s ridiculous now. Do you know what else a grown man can get arrested for showing random kids in a park? EVERYTHING! I don’t care if you’re reading them Twilight fan fiction, strange adults can’t go to a park and start up conversations with other people’s kids. This is a completely silly straw man argument.

Yesterday, Limbaugh claimed the “culture war” around the contraception issue was fake and ginned up by the media and the Left. Normally, I’d say he was right, but after watching that video and listening to this, I can’t agree. We’re not talking about abortions anymore. We’re talking about the simple need to teach young people about safe sex so they don’t get hurt, sick, or worse. The thing is, this doesn’t sound like a war started by the media anymore. While the stupid Foster Friess joke may have gotten way too much attention by news outlets, we have to remember, wars are rarely started by those that live in the grey. They are almost always begun by those that view the world in simple black and white. Here, that black and white is personified by the idea of abstinence only education, a model championed by Rick Santorum, the American Life League, and, unfortunately, apparently Rush Limbaugh. It’s a model that just doesn’t work.

You may accuse the media of trying to create a culture war but the fact remains, calling educational materials pornography and the people that use it drug dealers sounds to me quite a bit like first shots.

Listen to the clip below:

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