April Ryan: Republicans ‘In Meltdown’ Over Trump Trying to Force Vote on Health Care


Following the collapse of the Senate’s health care bill and the realization that another option that would only repeal Obamacare was DOA, President Donald Trump scheduled a lunch meeting with the Republican members of the Senate to try to convince them to move forward with the legislation.

With Trump taking to Twitter this morning to further push GOP lawmakers to vote for the bill because “they MUST keep their promise to repeal and replace,” CNN political analyst April Ryan reported that Republicans are freaking out over the president trying to force them to vote on the unpopular legislation.

“I just talked to a Republican source before I came on with you,” Ryan told host John Berman. “The source is saying that the GOP is in meltdown about this — about health care — because the president is forcing [Senate Majority Leader] Mitch McConnell to hold a vote when there is not support for it.”

She noted that the president doesn’t have to deal directly with constituents like lawmakers have to, explaining that once the senators go back to their states, they hear directly from those impacted by the legislation.

“The president is trying to force a vote, Ryan said. “He can have all the lunches and meetings that he can call as much as he wants, but when it affects the senators’ constituents and affects people, and people are going to these town hall meetings screaming, these senators feel it.”

Following the bill’s failure earlier this week, Trump issued contradicting statements, calling on Republicans to do a straight repeal of Obamacare before saying that they should just let the Affordable Care Act fail. He also claimed that he wouldn’t take any ownership of Obamacare failing.

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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