As Rome Burns, Fox & Friends Wants You to Know About Gator Wrangling


Hey, did you know that the nation may be on the cusp of a constitutional crisis as the president looks to force out his attorney general as a potential way to get out of the Russia probe? Or that the Senate stayed up late into the evening voting on health care legislation that will impact one-fifth of the nation’s economy?

Well, if you only tuned into the tail-end of Fox & Friends this morning, you wouldn’t have learned anything about those issues. But you would have learned how to fend off an alligator.

Yep. In the midst of a highly volatile news cycle, the curvy couch sitters devoted their final segment of the program to the benefits of alligator wrangling and how it can save your life.

Mentioning a segment they did yesterday where guest host Ed Henry talked about a young girl being saved from being chomped by an alligator via skills learned at a gator show, the program welcomed on Tim Williams. Williams is the dean of gator wrestling at Gatorland, a Florida theme park.

And for the next couple of minutes, the hosts engaged in a serious discussion with a baby gator-holding Williams about the life-saving techniques that can be digested from a trip to Gatorland, which concluded with this advice from Williams:

“Stay away in the first place. If an alligator comes after you, run. If that doesn’t work, if the gator gets a hold of you, fight like crazy.”

Thank you, Fox & Friends, for covering the stories a national news audience is obviously craving.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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