Bannon Lambastes George W. Bush: ‘Has No Earthly Idea Whether He’s Coming or Going’

Earlier this week, former President George W. Bush delivered a speech that was essentially a condemnation of President Donald Trump’s presidency and the populist nationalism that vaulted him into the White House. Bush decried the “casual cruelty” that has degraded the national political discourse while claiming that nationalism has been “distorted into nativism.”

During a speech last night before the California GOP, ex-White House chief strategist Steve Bannon and current Breitbart head Steve Bannon excoriated Bush. The former Trump campaign CEO, in front of a Republican crowd, both questioned the former GOP president’s intelligence while describing his tenure in the White House as the worst of all time.

Below are his remarks:

“President Bush embarrassed himself. His speechwriter wrote a high-falutin’ speech. It’s clear he didn’t know what he didn’t understand anything he was talking about. He equates the industrial revolution, agriculture revolution, globalization. He has no earthly idea whether he’s coming or going, just like it was when he was President of the United States. I want to apologize up front to any of the Bush folks outside, in this audience, okay? Because there has not been a more destructive presidency than George Bush’s. The rise of China started with the Clintons and Bush. When they had this great theory that you let them into the World Trade Organization and give them the most favored nations that they are going to become a liberal democracy as they get bigger, okay, and become more free market capitalists. This is not a small mistake. This is a strategic mistake of incalculable problems.”

Tell us how you really feel, Steve.

Bush wasn’t the only ex-president that took aim at Trump during a chaotic week that featured the current POTUS falsely claiming previous presidents didn’t contact Gold Star families and starting a political feud over his own call to a grieving widow. Former President Barack Obama appeared at a campaign event and dinged Trump’s “politics of division, stating that we are in the “21st century, not the 19th.”

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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