Beck Channels Network: ‘It’s Time To Turn Some Tables Over!’


During Glenn Beck‘s radio program on Wednesday, the host did his best impersonation of fictional television personality Howard Beale (played by the late Peter Finch), whose famous “I’m mad as hell!” outburst forever put 1976’s Network on the cultural map.

You’d think Beck and anyone of his ilk would take such a comparison as a compliment. After all the film (and Finch’s performance) is regularly touted as one of the best media satires ever made. Then again, Beale was complaining about real problems that made sense — albeit in a movie. Meanwhile Beck was whining about pretty much everything he could grasp at.

As Right Wing Watch notes, the tirade initially began while Beck was discussing the lack of a proper response by the American government and its international allies to ISIS. This quickly devolved into a cornucopia of semi-related topics.

“Stop listening to the people who got us into this situation in the first place,” said Beck. “It’s all happening and you’re still listening to those people. What the hell is wrong with us?”

The radio host quickly answered his own rhetorical question, saying that “60 percent of Christians aren’t registered to vote.” Because of this, Beck argued, “this is a time of persecution and we’re sitting around with our hands in our pockets.” Then he brought up Hillary Clinton‘s ongoing email scandal in an attempt to tie it to his earlier comments about everyone “listening to the people who got us into this situation in the first place.”

The real gem, however, came when Beck swung for the stands with his best Beale: “It’s time to turn some tables over. It’s time to start turning some tables over in our own households. In our own churches.” It’s a nice try, but only one of the two performances is Oscar-worthy.

Check out the clip above, via Right Wing Watch.

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