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Ann Coulter: Canadian Colleges Looking For Free Publicity

Before Ann Coulter ever stepped foot into Canada, there was already controversy and debate about her speaking engagements at three of the country’s colleges. A letter from University of Ottawa’s provost Francois Houle warned the conservative author to be “respectful” lest she run afoul of Canada’s hate-speech laws. It was only one day after that Ottawa canceled Coulter’s appearance, after her first Q&A section involved her saying Muslims should take a “magic carpet” instead of flying, and telling a student that she “could always ride a “camel.” But tonight on The O’Reilly Factor, Coulter argues that the Canadian college administrations all knew what they were getting when they asked her to speak on their campuses, and that by threatening her with legal action before she ever spoke, it was the colleges’ that were looking for a free publicity ride, not her.
“By telling you not to incite, he incited, that’s an interesting point,” O’Reilly muses.

It’s an interesting point and one worth looking at: Who really stood to benefit from the press about Coulter in Canada? The author, who maybe gets to stand on her soapbox about First Amendment rights? Or the colleges that get to seem like the outraged victim taking a stand against this racist American that they invited to speak in the first place?

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