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EXCLUSIVE: O’Reilly ‘Commencing Legal Action’ Against NJ Pol Accusing Him of Harassment


Former Fox News host and best-selling author Bill O’Reilly has revealed to Mediaite what he says are plans to commence legal action against Michael Panter, a small business owner and former New Jersey local politician over a post he published on Facebook.

The essay outlined specifics of his personal experiences with an ex-girlfriend who had worked for Fox News, and described in stunning detail what he said was then Fox News Co-President Bill Shine, an unnamed Fox News HR executive and then O’Reilly contacting his then girlfriend, who he alleged was sexually harassed.

O’Reilly has fired back saying the story is “contrived, false and defamatory,” and intends to follow up with legal action. The following statement was provided to Mediaite by O’Reilly’s attorney:

Panter’s post is completely contrived, false and defamatory, aimed at hurting Bill O’Reilly and his family. Mr. O’Reilly will be commencing legal action against Mr. Panter, and the ex-partner he quotes, for all damages he and his family have suffered from this improper conduct.

When contacted by Mediaite  for approval to publish his essay, Panter revealed that his original Facebook post was only intended for his own network of friends and was initially intended to provide support for the viral #MeToo campaign that has encouraged all women to have been victimized by sexual harassment to let the world know by sharing that hashtag.

The post, however, went viral on Twitter when long-time Fox News foe Gabriel Sherman retweeted it, which led to it gaining attention in the New York mediasphere and numerous posts re-telling Panter’s story.

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