Bill Walton and Dick Vitale Called an NBA Game Together and It Was Exactly as Bizarre as You’d Expect


We’re not exactly sure what the gimmick was that put Bill Walton and Dick Vitale together for an NBA broadcast Wednesday night on ESPN — something about the network’s college and pro basketball announcers trading places for an evening. But whatever it was, we were firmly on board.

That’s because a Walton/Vitale broadcast pairing was almost certain to go on a bizarre tangent at some point. And sure enough, it delivered midway through the second quarter when the manic duo — along with play-by-play announcer Dave Pasch (with whom our sympathies lie) — started talking music.

Walton began by describing his visit to the vault of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Walton: I tell ya, we had the great wardrobe display by June in the vault today. We had Elvis Presley. We had George Harrison clothes.

Vitale: Wow!

Walton: And we had Stevie Tyler clothes.

Vitale: What about Dolly Parton clothes?

Walton: We had Alice Cooper’s head!

Vitale: What about Dolly Parton’s clothes?!

Walton: Madonna was there. It was fantastic. Mick Jagger was there. He had his tongue sticking out. It was awesome. What a day!

Vitale: Lady Gaga’s blowing Madonna away. Are you kidding me?

Walton: Lady Gaga’s awesome.

Vitale: Lady Gaga is awesome. What she did was electrifying at the Super Bowl.

Walton: Her talent. The way she started that on the roof. God Bless America.

*Player makes jump shot*

Vitale: It’s a layup! It’s a layup! Lady Gaga’s the only one that outplayed Tom Brady.

Amazingly, the two basketball analysts actually did talk basketball at times. Following a promotion for a Knicks game that was set to air next on ESPN, Walton began talking about Knicks star Carmelo Anthony, who, it is believed, the Knicks are attempting to trade.

“Doesn’t matter to me. As long as he doesn’t go to any of the teams I like,” Walton said.

In any event, sign us up for more of Dickie V and Walton. Basketball’s regular season is long (and, let’s face it, largely meaningless), and these two help break up the monotony of your run-of-the-mill game.

Watch above, via ESPN.

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