Bobby Jindal’s Twitter Q&A Backfires, Of Course


jindalIn preparation for a town hall-style event in Iowa, Bobby Jindal‘s campaign SuperPAC asked his Twitter followers to submit the questions they would like him to answer on Tuesday. What the Louisiana governor might not have expected was that the hashtag #AskBobby might be put to a different use than originally expected.

The idea was reportedly conceived by Jindal’s social media team as for the 2016 candidate to engage with potential voters. The team might not have known that 2016 rival Mike Huckabee held a Q&A on Facebook the previous week, only to find his responses filled with joke questions from Internet trolls.

Within hours, #AskBobby was receiving thousands of responses, but most likely not of the sort that the social media team was looking for.

A two-for-one jab. Not bad.

The good news is that if it doesn’t, Jindal’s previous experience has America covered.

A question for many.

According to previous statements, Jindal’s parents are okay because apparently they never tried to “undermine American freedoms”.

Well, maybe Rachel Dolezal can give a few tips.

Scary Spice might be the expected answer, but Jindal might go with the crowd and agree that Posh is tried and true.

You and many others.

It’s okay because Jindal is Tanned. Rested. Ready.


Chocolate chip is much better than either of them.

Soon to be the subject of a strange film involving Jeff Goldblum, Chris Pratt, and Mel Gibson.

Again, that is just such a poignant question.

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