Editor Fired over Post Mocking Boehner Threat


An Ohio bartender threatened to poison John Boehner and ended up being indicted this week over the death threats. He worked at a bar Boehner attended and claimed it would have been so easy to slip something in the Speaker’s drink to poison and kill him.

A story on about this featured the headline “Would Anyone Have Noticed if Bartender Succeeded in Poisoning John Boehner?” and made some rather snarky remarks about Boehner’s present health. Boehner’s office condemned the “insensitive” story, and the writer of that article has now been fired.

Victor Paul Alvarez lost his job as associate editor for over the post in question. After being a bit coy on Twitter about the matter, starting with a picture from underneath a bus, Alvarez said he really regretted the post:

And it hasn’t even been that long since the last controversy involving Last month, the site reported on a Harvard professor who threw a fit over being charged four dollars more than what he expected. In a follow-up report, they posted some emails with racist language they said were from that professor. They weren’t, and a editor got demoted after that fell through and they discovered she was selling t-shirts mocking the professor.

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