comScore Christie Releases Nurse Kaci Hickox from Ebola Quarantine

Gov. Christie Releases Quarantined Nurse from Isolation

According to CNN’s Vaughn Sterling, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is releasing asymptomatic health care worker Kaci Hickox from an isolation unit at a Newark hospital.

Kichox was the first person to quarantined under the newly-announced mandatory quarantine protocols implemented by New York and New Jersey this weekend. Initially believed to be feverish, Hickox later tested negative for ebola. She has since deplored the quarantine conditions and characterized the protocols as chaotic.

Christie defended the measures on Fox News Sunday yesterday, calling the quarantine necessary for public safety. However both Hickox and the medical community at large believe mandatory quarantines to be an overreaction that could discourage health care workers from fighting the virus at its source in west Africa.

This morning New York Governor Andrew Cuomo eased the quarantine protocols, allowing asymptomatic travelers to spend the twenty-one day incubation period at home.

Watch the report from CNN below:

[Image via screengrab]

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