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WATCH: Man Slaps Harvey Weinstein Twice in the Face at Arizona Restaurant

‘Breakthrough’: Here’s Steve Jobs Ten Years Ago Today Introducing the iPhone to Everyone’s Disbelief

Aaron Sorkin to Apple CEO Tim Cook: ‘You’ve Got a Lot of Nerve’

Russian Steve Jobs Monument Taken Down After Tim Cook Comes Out as Gay

That Was Fast: Christian Bale Bails on Steve Jobs Biopic

Aaron Sorkin Confirms Christian Bale Will Play Steve Jobs in Biopic

Apple’s Tim Cook Hasn’t Cleaned Out Steve Jobs’s Office

Rick Perry’s Political Prowess on Border Crisis Ignites Talk of Second Chance

Virginia State Law Prohibited Navy Yard Shooter Aaron Alexis From Buying Ninja Stars

FIRST CLIP: Ashton Kutcher As Steve Jobs In Biopic jOBS

Karl Rove Compares Romney’s Leave From Bain To Steve Jobs’ Medical Leave From Apple

Hours After Death, Gawker Publishes Hit Piece On Mike Wallace: ‘He Was As Much A Journalist As Ryan Seacrest’

Fox and Friends‘ Brian Kilmeade Is NOT Happy About Time Magazine’s ‘Person Of The Year’

Malcolm Gladwell On Steve Jobs’ Perfectionism: The Genius Is In The ‘Tweak’

Steve Jobs’ Sister Reveals Her Brother’s Last Words In New York Times Eulogy

Bill Maher Stands Up For Acid: Kids Are On Drugs, ‘The Problem Is They’re On The Wrong Drugs’

Steve Jobs Biography Reveals He Told Rupert Murdoch He Was ‘Blowing It With Fox News’

From The Grave: 60 Minutes Airs Steve Jobs Audio From Biographer Walter Isaacson

Sony Acquires Film Rights To Authorized Steve Jobs Biography

Stephen Colbert Fondly Recalls Getting Free Apple Products In Tribute To Steve Jobs

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