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Breitbart Writer Quits Twitter After Ranting About Dominating #NeverTrumpers in Prison

Howley-e1457630999745Breitbart writer Patrick Howley‘s Twitter has gone dark following a lengthy tear in which he fantasized about dominating anti-Trump conservatives in prison.

Among other things, Howley told #NeverTrump consultants that he would see them “die in prison,” and that “if I was in prison with the NeverTrump cucks, they would be shining my shoes and begging me for cigarettes!”


Breitbart, a pro-Trump conservative outlet, had previously temporarily suspended Howley for his Twitter activity.

“Cucks wouldn’t do well in prison,” he wrote on Twitter. “In fact, they would do even worse than they did in this primary, which was pathetic and sad to watch.”

You can view a more complete list of the tweets here.



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