Bret Baier on Trump’s Conflicting Tweets on FISA Debate: ‘It’s Kind of a Mess’


Donald Trump contradicted himself when he tweeted about the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) today, and Bret Baier says this could create a bit of a complication for the midday vote on the policy’s reauthorization.

Trump went against the GOP and his administration’s talking points today when he bashed FISA and suggested that it allowed investigators to “badly surveil and abuse” his 2016 campaign over the Fusion GPS dossier. Almost two hours later, Trump completely changed course by expressing support for the surveillance program.

This reversal has already factored into FISA debates on the House floor, and when Baier was asked about this, he said “it’s kind of a mess from the administration’s point of view.”

“It was conflicting,” said Baier. “Twitter called it a cleanup on Aisle 702, and there was some pulling of hair out in the Intel community and on the House floor as members are really trying to get this across the finish line.”

As Baier discussed the difference in Trump’s tweets with Sandra Smith, he noted that he also noted that the president’s statement contained several inaccuracies about the program. The Special Report anchor went on to say that GOP and intelligence leadership have been trying to ensure the surveillance reauthorization for months, and Trump’s tweets “threw a wrench into a lot of things and I think they’re trying now to clean it up.”

As of this writing, the six year proposal to reauthorization FISA’s surveillance program has passed the House with a 256-164 vote.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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