CA Bill Would Require Legislators to List Major Donors on Clothing

California entrepreneur John Cox, chairman of the California is Not for Sale Initiative, filed a 2016 ballot initiative that would require California legislators to broadcast their donors on their clothing anytime they speak on the floor, ABC News reports.

The bill would display the logos of the top ten contributors on every CA legislators’ clothing, “just like a NASCAR driver would for his sponsors.”

Cox said the initiative aims to “call attention” to the influence of donors in the political process.

“This is a very serious initiative. This is not a joke,” Cox said. “If you came down from Mars and you looked at our electoral system, you’d say to yourself, ‘How dumb is this?'”

“You’ve got a system under which people who want something from government fund the campaigns of the people who make the decisions,” Cox continued. “How stupid is that system?”

Under the initiative, the California Fair Political Practices Commission would determine the top ten logos each legislator would display on their clothing. Political ads would also feature the logos.

“California is widely considered to have one of the most dysfunctional legislatures in the country. So there’s a need for it,” Cox said, “Also, California has a history of ballot initiatives and a record of being an innovator. This might be something that leads the country.”

Watch the video above, via KGTV.

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