Cancel Colbert Activists Speak Out in TIME: ‘We Will Protest This Until It Ends’


Two of the activists behind the #CancelColbert trend wrote a piece that was published on TIME Magazine‘s website yesterday, standing by their protest after the announcement that The Colbert Report will be cancelled… because of Stephen Colbert‘s selection to follow David Letterman on The Late Show. They defiantly state from the outset, “This is aggression that we do not have to accept. We will protest this until it ends.”

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There was a lot of Twitter snark yesterday about how #CancelColbert was technically victorious, but Suey Park and Eunsong Kim were none too amused about it.

We think people are surprised to see that their monolithic view of Asian Americans as a model minority is being challenged. We are not the problem. Your stereotypes and narrow roles for us are the problem…

Our age and appearance have led to us being infantilized — and therefore our political ideals have been treated as incoherent and immature. We are accused of being ungrateful sidekicks of honorary whiteness. It is baffling that we would reject this role to instead critique white supremacy.

They lash out at critics of the movement, saying that “belittling the voices, activism, and writing of women of color is a profitable venture.” They say their dismissal is mostly coming from the “white, neoliberal heteropatriarchy” by smugly dismissing them or casting them aside, but they state, “We will never apologize. Apologize for settler colonialism. Apologize for anti-blackness. Apologize for orientalism.”

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