Carrie Fisher Says Trump is ‘Absolutely’ a Coke Head After Sniffling Again at Second Debate

carrie fisher star wars the force awakens weight lossStar Wars actress Carrie Fisher says that the recent comments Howard Dean made about Donald Trump might have some truth to them after all.

During Sunday night’s event in St. Louis, much of the Twitterverse noticed that Trump was sniffling into his microphone for the second debate in a row. Fisher was apparently watching the showdown, and the Princess Leia actress responded to a fan’s tweet about what she thinks are the cause for Trump’s sniffles.

The conversation is a throwback to some controversial remarks Howard Dean issued about Trump as he was getting mocked for his sniffling during the first debate. While some thought Trump had a cold, Dean raised several eyebrows after he floated the possibility that the mogul’s noises were a side effect of cocaine use.

Fisher, for her part, said she could confirm based on her past experience as a drug user. She has spoken openly about her addiction before, having said that she took drugs to self-medicate for bipolar disorder.

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