Carter Page Confirms ‘Extensive Discussions’ With FBI Over Russia Probe

Former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page has confirmed that the FBI interviewed him about his connections with Russia, and also about the nature of his involvement with President Trump‘s 2016 campaign.

Investigations continue into Russia’s efforts to meddle with the presidential election, and Page has drawn major intrigue over the possibility that he is one of several Trump allies being investigated for potential collusion. A new report from Washington Post states that the FBI questioned Page five times on the matter, and the meetings ran for a total of 10 hours.

These interviews took place in March, before James Comey was fired by the president and also before Robert Mueller became special counsel for his own investigation into Russia.

WaPo reports that Page used these interviews to elaborate on his past dealings with Russia, all while denying his involvement in any Trump-Russian plot to interfere with the election. These meetings were described as “the most extensive known questioning of a potential suspect in the probe,” and Page told the paper that these “extensive discussions” did take place.

Per WaPo:

He said the FBI agents “acknowledged that I’m a loyal American veteran but indicated that their management was concerned that I did not believe the conclusions” of a Jan 6. U.S. intelligence report describing Russian government interference in the U.S. election. “Our frank and open conversations gave me confidence that there are still logical, honest individuals at the Bureau who respect civil rights and the Constitution,’’ he said.

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