Carter Page Is ‘Chump Change’: Former CIA Official Says Russian Ties Go Higher in Trump Admin


On last night’s Real Time, the content was compelling on the regular broadcast and Overtime. During OT, actually, Bill Maher and his audience learned quite a bit about the Donald Trump campaign’s possible Russian collusion and its investigation from Philip Mudd, a former CIA officer.

He made it clear that people like former campaign advisor Carter Page are not the ones the FBI is after. No, for as damning as it’s been looking for Page lately, Mudd was adamant that he’s “chump change.”

Mudd said this after being asked by Maher what he thinks the federal investigations into Page and Mike Flynn will show:

Look: the reason Carter Page is being featured is because he’s prominent in the press, not because he’s the most prominent target of the FBI. I think there will eventually be an indictment. Somebody going to be indicted. I don’t know if it’s going to be Carter Page. I think he’s chump change. I think it’s someone higher up.

He went on to explain that he’s sure the FBI has gathered enough proof of communication with Russians and will use that to get more information from the Trump campaign team members.

Using a pretty entertaining smattering of jargon, he explained, “You are going to get people who are going to flip because you’re going to walk in and say, ‘Son, you either get a federal charge or you’re going to talk.’ That person is going to go home to their wife and kids and say, ‘I don’t want three hots and a cot in the federal pen. I’ll talk.’”

So, who’s the “someone higher up” who will be in trouble if it’s not Page?

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