CDC Worker Potentially Exposed to Ebola After Lab Mistake

The Centers for Disease Control warned today of potential exposure to Ebola in one of its labs after what appears to have been a mistake. A statement from a CDC official today reveals that a sample of the Ebola virus was accidentally moved from a containment lab to a lower-level lab.

The sample was destroyed and the lab was decontaminated, but one CDC worker did come in contact with the sample while it was in the lab. They’re downplaying potential exposure as a low risk, but still taking precautions anyway.

The worker in question is being closely monitored for 21 days for potential symptoms, and the CDC believes it’s unlikely that anyone else was exposed to the virus.

In a statement, CDC Director Tom Frieden said, “I have directed that there be a full review of every aspect of the incident and that CDC take all necessary measures. Thousands of laboratory scientists in more than 150 labs throughout CDC have taken extraordinary steps in recent months to improve safety. No risk to staff is acceptable, and our efforts to improve lab safety are essential — the safety of our employees is our highest priority.”

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