Celebrities and Pro Athletes Rally to Mock Trump’s Person of the Year Tweet


If in the event you were still recovering from a post-Thanksgiving tryptophan-induced coma yesterday, you may have missed President Donald Trump‘s odd and juvenile boast on Twitter in which he claimed he was “PROBABLY going to be named” Time Magazine‘s person of the year, but declined an interview and “major photo shoot.”

Since then, Time Magazine and the magazine’s Chief Content Officer Alan Murray shot down Trump’s claim and started a new battle in the White House’s war on media which saw the usual suspects take the usual sides.

But something unique also happened… there appears to have been something of a harmonic convergence of professional athletes and celebrity “activists” who found Trump’s boastful tweet so inspirational that they crafted their own hyperbolic and braggadocious tweets designed to point and laugh at President Trump’s ham-fisted attempt to take credit for an honor to which he had not been bestowed.

For clarity sake, Trump’s initial tweet read:

Then Time’s Chief Content Officer Alan Murray’s rebuttal:

British Tennis player and former Wimbledon champ Andy Murray was among the first to take notice, which this sardonic salvo:

Then, actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus followed suit with her own witticism:

Actor Mark Hamill got into the act:

As did NY Mets Pitcher Noah Syndegard:

And Daily Show founder Lizz Winstead:

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