Charles Oakley Tells Local News He Was Drinking Before Knicks Altercation But…


Let’s talk about sports! Specifically, let’s talk about Charles Oakley. As our sports editor Joe DePaolo explained in an earlier post, Oakley, a former Knicks player, was ejected from Madison Square Garden on Wednesday night and arrested after shoving arena security personnel.

Fox 5 New York’s Duke Castiglione sat down with Oakley to talk about the headline-making evening and learned that while he had been drinking before the now-infamous altercation, he was adamant about one thing: “I told them I had a couple drinks, but I ain’t had no drinks in the Garden. It is what it is.”   

Well, he was actually sure to mention another thing, too. He insisted he was never told that he’s unwelcome at MSG and asked why he would go somewhere knowing he could get arrested, especially when he prefers to be at Café 31 watching the game with his friends.

Last but not least, have this quote in its entirety:

I’m not really looking at video. I know what I did. I came in. I was only there four minutes. So if I could rob a bank in four minutes, maybe that’s what it is. But I didn’t do nothing. I went to sit there with my guest and watch the game and they said they got orders that I had to leave.

See? He could have robbed a bank in that time but instead he was just trying to enjoy some basketball!

Watch the entire thing above, via Fox 5 NY.

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