Charlie Kirk Defends Candace Owens’ Smear of #MeToo in Leaked Chats: ‘Don’t Publicly Go After Our Allies’


Turning Point USA head Charlie Kirk — the college dropout who runs a college-focused political nonprofit known for advancing Donald Trump‘s agenda, racism, and adult diaper-wearing — defended his communications director Candace Owens in leaked group chats after she smeared victims of sexual misconduct as “weak” and “stupid.”

The controversy began when Owens, a far-right pundit who gained prominence in the conservative movement by appearing on the conspiracy network InfoWars and receiving an endorsement from Kanye West, launched a victim-blaming attack against the #MeToo movement.

The post was quickly condemned by many Twitter users, including a large number of conservatives.

This led Kirk to take to a TPUSA chat on the app GroupMe and demand that the group’s activists not “publicly go after our allies” in the name of preserving the nonprofit’s image — an interesting request, given the conservative wunderkind’s constant mocking of “the left’s” supposed opposition to open debate.

“Candace is a rockstar for conservatives and our movement,” Kirk wrote in messages leaked to Mediaite. “Don’t publicly go after allies. Message her here, message her privately, email her if you disagree.”

He continued by saying that activists attending TPUSA’s upcoming Young Women’s Leadership Summit “are free to do whatever you wish,” but barred the activists from doing “walk outs or boos” against Owens when she speaks. Incidentally, Owens’ speech at the conference will be a continuation of her crusade against the #MeToo movement.

Owens used the chat to privately ask that TPUSA activists publicly defend her.

She followed up this request by posting a livestream where she called the #MeToo movement “a witch hunt on men,” per Media Matters.

As for the previously mentioned criticisms of Owens by conservatives, below are just a few of the tweets activists and others shared denouncing the TPUSA staffer. Among them include right-of-center women voicing their opposition to Owens, a conservative group cancelling their appearance at the group’s conference this week, and even one activist alleging that she was “sexually harassed” by a member of TPUSA:

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