CHILLING: Hear a Random Woman Scream While Seb Gorka Films Selfie Video


While donning his best booming super villain voice, ex-White House aide Sebastian Gorka’s endorsement by selfie video for a conservative congressional candidate was interrupted by the bone-chilling screams of a random woman.

“I’m Sebastian Gorka, former deputy assistant to President Donald Trump,” Gorka said — just before the shrieks ring through the air in the background, which occurs at exactly six seconds into the clip.

It isn’t clear why a woman in Gorka’s immediate physical vicinity was screaming so loud and with such fear, anguish, and pain in her voice, and viewers may never find out, as the now-Fox News analyst never addresses it and continues on with his spiel.

“I live in Barabara Comstock’s district in Virginia, and I can’t support her reelection,” he continued .”She promised to be conservative, but has performed like a Democrat. She didn’t want Donald Trump to become president, she’s become a swampdweller.”

Watch above, via Twitter.

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