Chris Hayes: Trump’s ‘Chilling’ Attacks On Media ‘Come With Potential Force Of The State’


MSNBC’s Chris Hayes said tonight that President Trump is escalating the war on the press to all-new levels that are “genuinely dangerous.”

The MSNBC host referenced this recent tweet by Trump:

Hayes, who is suddenly appalled that a politician would threaten to tax a multi-billion dollar corporation, slammed Trump for “linking a complaint about a media entity to a threat––or, at least, implied threat––against the corporation associated with it.”

Hayes noted that Trump has been making threats since he announced his candidacy for the White House, but now that he is President, his “attacks come with the potential force of the state.”

Then Hayes compared the “chilling” language used by Trump to that of “Putin’s Russia”, though he did also note that the President “has not taken action against Amazon.”

Guest Bob Garfield said that Trump often makes hollow threats, admitting that “he will imply threats and not follow through on them or he will bluff and as he did with Comey and the ‘what if there were tapes’ tweet.”

He continued:

“The larger point is not whether he is going to abuse his authority to go after a private corporation that doesn’t even, in fact, own the business the Washington Post… It is that this administration is, once again, going after the press. Going after the legitimacy of the press and lying, lying, lying repeatedly about the honesty of the press.”

Then Garfield actually went on the say the following, with a completely straight face:

“The press covering the catastrophe that is this administration has been caught in no lies – certainly nothing dishonest. There have been a couple of mistakes those have been retracted and corrected and apologized for. But not one of the stories that they are claiming are fake news or dishonest has been shown to be dishonest.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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