Chris Wallace Issues Dire Warning: ‘This Shutdown Could Last For A While’


As the U.S. careens toward government shutdown, Chris Wallace of Fox News expects that not only is it going to happen, but it could go on for quite some time.

Wallace joined Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith on America’s Newsroom today, and he said that it doesn’t look like neither the House, nor the Senate will give an inch before time runs out at midnight tonight. He concluded that the shutdown “could last for a while” because Republicans and Democrats have both found ways to use it to their political advantage, and they won’t give an inch until they find out which side will be blamed the most.

“What’s a while?” Smith asked Wallace.

“The last shutdown lasted 16 days,” Wallace replied. “That’s a while.”

Wallace went on to conclude that Democrats are absolute in their demands for a solution on DACA, and have no interest in allocating funds for a border wall or supporting GOP immigration policy proposals. He also noted that this issue provides Democrats with plenty of leverage that they can use to force Republicans towards a deal on DREAMers before their protective status expires in March.

“This is the one possibility. A four or five day extension and keep everybody in town and let’s work and try to solve this problem,” Wallace said. “But if you don’t get that, then I don’t know how you get off a shutdown. Once you’ve shut down the government, somebody is going to have to back down, and I don’t see either side backing down quickly.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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