comScore Paul Ryan Tears Into Senate Dems as Shutdown Looms: ‘Legislative Arson’

Paul Ryan Tears Into Senate Dems as Shutdown Looms: ‘Legislative Arson’

Paul Ryan has had just about enough of Democrat shenanigans, thank you.

The Speaker of the House spoke to Fox News’ Bill Hemmer about the impending threat of a government shutdown and blamed Senate Democrats for the crisis.

“This is absolutely needless, completely unnecessary, and wholly because of Senate Democrats trying to shut down the government, holding the entire government hostage for a completely unrelated issue that doesn’t even have a deadline right now,” Ryan (R-WI) said, referring to negotiations on DACA.

“Senator [Chuck] Schumer said this very tactic, this very strategy a few years ago was ‘governmental chaos.’ Nancy Pelosi called it ‘legislative arson’. This is exactly what they’re doing and it’s completely unnecessary to hold the government hostage for something that’s completely unrelated.”

Ryan went on to mention a segment CNN’s Wolf Blitzer questioning how Republicans can let the government shut down while being in control of the House, the Senate, and the White House. In response, Hemmer said, “I like Wolf. I used to work with him. Why are you watching CNN?”

Ryan demurred and claimed that “someone showed [him] a clip,” reinforcing ideas that the president has espoused about CNN being “fake news.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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