Christie on Trump’s Putin Comments: He Believes ‘Leaders of Countries Deserve to Get Respect’

During an appearance on CBS’s Face the Nation this morning, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie came to President Donald Trump’s defense over the president’s comments about Russia and Vladimir Putin.

In case you missed, it, Fox News released a preview clip of Bill O’Reilly’s Super Bowl interview with Trump in which the president hit back at the notion that Putin’s a killer by saying America’s isn’t so innocent and filled with killers too.

When host John Dickerson pressed Christie on Trump’s remarks, the former Trump adviser said the president was merely showing respect to another leader.

“I know exactly what he meant by those comments yesterday,” Christie said. “He respects Vladimir Putin because he believes that the leaders of countries deserve to get respect. He wasnts to be treated with respect around the world and he believe Vladimir Putin should be.”

Christie added that it doesn’t mean that the president agrees with Putin or won’t stand up to him.

Watch the clip above, via CBS News.

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