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Christie: Trump Meant ‘Political Riots’ Not ‘Literal Riots’

PicMonkey Collage - ChristieChris Christie got in on Donald Trump‘s most recent controversy, saying that the possibility of his supporters going on a violent riot is absolute crazy talk.

Trump made the ominous prediction this week and there has been a lot of discussion following over what his supporters will do if the Republican National Committee tries to use a brokered convention to rip the GOP nomination away from him. Concerns about this come with regard in particular to whether Trump has done enough to discourage his supporters from showing hostile behavior to dissenters at his events.

Christie has been talking up Trump ever since he endorsed him, and when he was asked whether there could be riots at a press conference, the New Jersey governor insisted that it was nothing more than a figure of speech.

“I don’t think he meant literal riots. I think he meant political riots,” Christie said. “If someone goes in with the most delegates, the most votes, and then they are denied the nomination by what they consider to be political insiders, I think there would be real upset at that convention.”

Christie’s answer echoes the response given by Ben Carson, another former Trump rival-turned-endorser, who said that things would not end well for the Republican Party if a contested convention subverts the leading candidate.

“The party is the people who belong to the party and vote in the party. It’s not the people in Washington D.C. or on K Street,” Christie said. “[If] we are going to start having do-overs here, I’ll take one. I don’t think that’s the way the system works,” he joked.

[h/t Wall Street Journal]
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