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Christine O’Donnell Is Forming Her Very Own Political Action Committee

Get ready, world: here comes Christine PAC. It’s a “new kind” of PAC that’s being formed by defeated GOP Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell, one that, according to the Delaware News Journal, “will allow her to endorse candidates, do independent expenditures in certain races, lobby on issues and do things ‘that other activist organizations have the handcuffs on because of the IRS.'”

After speaking at a Tea Party event in Virginia yesterday, O’Donnell told reporters that she hopes to launch the organization ASAP. She also said it will allow her to “become more vocal and run ads on issues including repealing health care reform and eliminating the ‘death tax'”:

“The focus of my PAC is not necessarily on getting behind individual candidates, but right now, moreso issues,” she said. “I want to take on projects to help raise awareness about these political issues.”

As David Weigel notes on his Slate blog, O’Donnell certainly has the funds to pull this off—her campaign’s sitting on $924,800 left over from the election. Still, Weigel thinks O’Donnell has shown “a bit less momentum from her election loss than some of us expected,” since she hasn’t yet signed a deal to appear on cable news. Maybe this PAC is what the bewitching Senate hopeful needs to get back in the news.

[h/t Weigel]

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