Christine Quinn and David Urban Tangle in Heated Debate Over Health Care: ‘You’re Going to Lose’


A lot of attention has been focused back on Washington this week as Senate Republicans have decided to try one more time to repeal Obamacare with the Graham-Cassidy bill — a piece of legislation that until recently had been given very little thought as it was assumed the GOP had moved on from health care.

With late-night host Jimmy Kimmel whipping up opposition to the bill via his TV show, Graham-Cassidy is now clearly under the magnifying glass. Cable news, for its part, has started devoting a lot more debate time to the topic. And tonight, things got a wee bit tense between CNN contributor Christine Quinn — the former New York City Council speaker — and ex-Trump campaign strategist David Urban.

Urban took the obvious position that the bill isn’t as bad as it’s been described and claimed that it “shall” and “must provide” protections for pre-existing conditions — something critics have said just isn’t true. And Quinn agreed with those critics on pre-existing conditions while noting that as many as 32 million Americans could lose insurance because of the bill.

“Where do you get those numbers?” Urban asked.

“Can’t get it from congressional budget office because your legislation hasn’t been out there long enough,” Quinn shot back.

After tussling with Urban over whether he said the bill would cover pre-existing conditions, and Urban hitting back that Bernie Sanders is pushing a single-payer plan proving that Obamacare is no good, the whole thing ended with a little back and forth.

“There’s going to be a vote on the floor, Christine,” the ex-Trump advisor said.

“And you’re going to lose,” Quinn exclaimed.

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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