Anderson Cooper Rips Former Press Secretary: ‘Did Sean Spicer Lie…? Yeah, He Did’

“I don’t think so.”

Those were the words of former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, when asked — in an interview which aired on Good Morning America Thursday — in response to a question about whether he ever lied to the American people.

Anderson Cooper, on Thursday night’s edition of Anderson Cooper: 360, had another take.

“Did Sean Spicer lie to the American people?” Cooper said. “Yeah, he did.”

In a scathing monologue to close out his show, the AC: 360 host ripped Spicer for appearing on the Emmys earlier this week and making light of his false claims from the White House podium that President Donald Trump‘s inauguration was more well-attended than former President Barack Obama‘s inauguration.

“See, he’s making a joke of the fact that he lied,” Cooper said after playing the EMMY clip. “I guess the idea is if you let some time pass, lies become funny.”

Cooper added a blistering parting shot.

“The good news he doesn’t have to lie for a living anymore. Now he just seems to be doing it recreationally.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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