Kimmel Responds to Trump: Will Sen. Bill Cassidy ‘Vote Against the Horrible Bill He Wrote?’

Last night, late-night television host Jimmy Kimmel lit up Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-LA) over the Republican lawmaker’s health care bill that is being pitched in the Senate as a way to repeal Obamacare. With Cassidy having previously said that any health bill he proposed would have to pass the “Jimmy Kimmel test,” referencing Kimmel’s emotional recounting of his infant son’s struggles with a heart condition, the comedian straight up called Cassidy a liar while tearing apart the senator’s bill.

This evening, President Donald Trump inserted himself into the situation when he tweeted out a defense of Cassidy, stating that the Louisiana Republican cares about people and “doesn’t lie.” This was after the president praised the Graham-Cassidy bill and said that it has a very good chance of passing.

After Trump sent out his tweet, Kimmel directly responded with one of his own:

Following Kimmel’s scathing monologue directed at him, Cassidy said this morning that Kimmel didn’t “understand” the bill and that it does indeed protect people with pre-existing conditions.

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