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Chuck Todd Makes Giuliani Listen to Even More Lewd Trump Audio On-Air

imageedit_45_8845876004Chuck Todd got to take his turn at Rudy Giuliani today on NBC. Like CNN’s Jake Tapper did earlier this morning, he grilled Donald Trump‘s advisor over the candidate’s lewd recordings from 2005. Then, like Fox’s Chris Wallace, he demanded answers for why Trump’s campaign manager Kellyanne Conway had been pulled from his lineup of guests for the day only to be replaced with the former mayor of New York.

“Only you are out defending Donald Trump. Are you the only one in the campaign who was willing to publicly defend him?”

Giuliani denied that his fellow Trump supporters were refusing to support the nominee. Further, as he did all morning (and last night), he insisted that Trump will not be dropping from the race.

Todd pivoted back to the original audio leak that started this weekend full of drama, asking why Trump never apologized for insulting a Gold Star family or a Mexican-American judge, but would apologize for his 2005 remarks on women.

Giuliani said that Trump was likely “shocked” by his own words, so Todd played a few more of those words. Specifically, he played some 2008 clips of Trump saying lewd things to Howard Stern.

Following the script from the rest of the morning, Giuliani maintained that words are just words, to which Todd responded, “It’s not about saying it, Mr. Mayor! It’s doing it! He’s bragging about making unwanted sexual advances. You’re saying the words are wrong. How about the actions?”

Giuliani doubled down on his assertion that there is a big difference between Trump’s words and actions, only to be shown a statement from another woman who has accused Trump of being sexually aggressive, Temple Taggart. She has said that Trump did kiss her on the lips without her permission, moving the conversation from the realm of theoretical “locker room talk” to real accusations of real actions.

Rudy Giuliani is definitely having one of “those” mornings.

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