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CNN Panel Dunks on Jack Kingston: ‘I Thought That Fake News Moniker Had Some Bounds’

This morning, CNN political commentator and former GOP congressman Jack Kingston set mouths agape when he essentially dismissed Parkland students demanding action in the wake of their school’s horrific shooting as left-wing stooges funded by George Soros. This caused survivors of the tragedy to slam Kingston, calling his comments “very despicable.”

A few hours later during a CNN panel discussion, host Brianna Keilar revisited the moment and expressed genuine shock and basic disgust over Kingston’s remarks.

“I thought that fake news moniker had some bounds,” Keilar said after playing the clip of Kingston. “I guess it doesn’t, right?”

Political reporter Nia-Malika Henderson jumped in to predict that some form of Kingston’s argument will end up being “what we will see” from many conservatives. “He is saying that they are being hijacked,” she added.

Political analyst Jackie Kucinich noted that certain right-wing conspiracy sites are smearing the students who are speaking out.

“It shows they’re effective,” Kucinich said of the high-schoolers. “It shows right now they’re effective messengers. You’re seeing on Twitter some kind of very fringe publications start going after these kids. They’re high school kids, in a school shooting, that’s disgraceful.”

Editor-at-large Chris Cillizza sounded exasperated over Kingston’s observation, wondering aloud what “George Soros had to do with it.” He further noted that the students are practicing democracy in its purest form, as something happened to them and they’ve now decided they’ve had enough and “want to right a wrong.”

“We have seen this play before with particularly conservative groups where they say these protesters are paid,” Kucinich stated. “George Soros is funding all of this. The fact that they’re doing it, with these kids — seems like there’d be boundaries.”

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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