CNN Reporter Rips Brit Hume For His Network’s False Story: ‘Is Fox Going to Issue a Correction’?

After Brit Hume tweeted a Federalist article slamming the media for alleged anti-Trump administration bias, CNN media reporter Oliver Darcy responded by asking if the Fox News political analyst’s network ever plans to correct their false reporting in a recent article on the Hillary Clinton email investigation.

Hume posted a piece written by Federalist editor Mollie Hemmingway titled, “How The Media Buried Two Huge FBI Stories Yesterday,” which claimed the media intentionally refused to cover news regarding the Russia investigation as it showed President Donald Trump in a positive light. The veteran conservative newsman said the article explains how Hemingway “goes looking for MSM journalists interested in pursuing the FBI misconduct angle in the HRC & DJT cases, finds none.”

This led Darcy to tweet, “Brit, is Fox going to issue a correction to its story that incorrectly, per CNN & WSJ, suggested the texts were related to the Clinton probe when they were about Russia meddling? Or does quietly taking a story off front page of website and replacing it w/another suffice at Fox?”

The Fox News piece in question covers a supposed “bombshell story” published by the network yesterday morning in which a FBI officials responsible spearheading the Clinton probe discuss then-President Barack Obama wanting “to know everything we’re doing.” The article paints the ex-president as attempting to tamper with the Clinton email investigation weeks before the 2016 election.

However, the FBI’s dive into Clinton’s malpractice had already concluded weeks prior to Obama’s messages to the FBI officials asking about what they’re “doing” — which suggests he was actually curious about Russian election tampering, not the Clinton scandal.

As Darcy notes, Fox News did not issue a correction or update when this information was pointed out to the network.

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