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CNN’s Acosta Spars With Mulvaney Amid Looming Shutdown: Process ‘Blown Up’ by Trump

CNN’s Jim Acosta participated in the White House’s press briefing today, and of course, sparks flew when he grilled OMB director Mick Mulvaney over the GOP’s responsibility for the possibility of a government shutdown.

As shutdown becomes increasingly likely, Mulvaney and Director of Legislative Affairs Marc Short used their Friday press event to lambast Democrats and blame them entirely for the current spending gridlock. As Mulvaney continued to defend the president, Acosta asked him how Democrats can really be blamed when Republicans have control over Congress and the White House.

After Mulvaney noted that Democrats are preventing the Senate GOP from reaching the necessary supermajority, Acosta countered that Trump’s attempts to hold bipartisan immigration negotiations were derailed by his “shithole countries” comments.

“The president asked Congress to come up with a solution for the DREAMers. Congress was in the room, members of Congress were in the room with the President last week, seemed to be a fairly productive meeting, and the whole process got blown up.”

Mulvaney responded by saying Democrats want Trump and the GOP to get blamed for the government shutdown again, just as President Barack Obama orchestrated back in 2013.

“This is purely an attempt by the senate Democrats, led by Mr. Schumer – that’s why we call it the Schumer Shutdown -in order to try and get a shutdown they think this president gets blamed for,” Mulvaney responded.

Watch above, via CNN.

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