CNN’s Chris Cuomo: I’m Not Taking a Side, If I Did ‘My Numbers Would Go Up 30, 40 Percent’


ABC News chief legal analyst and Mediaite founder Dan Abrams spoke with CNN’s Chris Cuomo Friday on his SiriusXM program Let’s Get After It and they got into a discussion about media bias.

Cuomo is, of course, very outspoken on CNN and has no problem sounding off on President Donald Trump or getting into it with guests.

But in the conversation with Abrams, who was there to promote his upcoming new SiriusXM program The Dan Abrams Show: Where Politics Meets The Law (which will air right after Cuomo starting today), Cuomo made a distinction between that and actively taking a side:

“What I could do to rate, I’m not doing right now… If I were to decide to have an opinion and argue a side of this fight on a nightly basis, my numbers would go up 30, 40 percent.”

Abrams challenged him on having that very open point of view on his show, particularly after Cuomo pointed to his criticisms of Trump.

“And you regularly criticize the President,” Abrams said. “So right there, you are taking a position.”

“I think the facts are suggestive of what I have to say,” Cuomo responded.

As an example of the distinction he made, Cuomo said he could easily do a lot more on the Mueller investigation, adding, “Look how it works for Maddow. It’s cogent stuff.”

As Cuomo talked about “reffing the fight” and swinging back after being “swung at” by someone fighting dirtier than the other side, Abrams pointed out, “But by making a judgment about who is playing dirtier, you’re taking a position.”

Cuomo argued again that him taking a position is different from playing a partisan.

You can listen to the clip above, via SiriusXM.

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