Conan, Stewart, Colbert: From Duel To Dance-Off (FULL VIDEO)

As you probably know by now, last night at Radio City Music Hall, Conan O’Brien invited his future basic-cable competitors in the 11pm hour to join him onstage for a slightly disorganized if spirited spectacle featuring slick dance moves, a duel, and Jon Stewart wearing some sort of red flamenco get-up and a sparkly gold belt.

We posted a brief clip of it this morning, until I realized that I had taped the full episode. It contains the initial Colbert/Conan skirmish, their faces very very close together, their initial dance-off (cue Def Leppard), Colbert’s untimely fall, and the swashbuckling Stewart dashing in to save the day. “That’s not how the Basic Cable Boys go down — not tonight!” (cue clubby dance music.) Then…Andy Richter with a gun. So, if Jon Stewart in shiny black pants is your thing, have at it! I got a pretty good shot of his butt going down the aisle. Impressive.

p.s. I have no idea if they will reprise this tonight — something tells me they won’t, and tonight will be something else wacky.

Conan’s Full Monologue – Radio City – NYC from Rachel Sklar on Vimeo.

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