Confront the Critic Needs YOU!


For too long critical reviews have been a one way street. A critic gets the last and final say on how he or she feels about a film, book or song, with no feedback or counter point from the film director, author, or musician.

Well Mediaite is here to end the injustice — or just create a dialog between critic and subject — in a new feature we’re calling Confront the Critic!

The idea is simple — we will arrange a light, fun and sometimes spirited conversation between reviewer and reviewee, providing the original subject the opportunity to challenge assertions made by the critic, and a chance for the critic to respond or clarify his or her original assertions. But we need YOUR help!

If you are a film director, author, musician, or just someone who has received any critical review in the media, we’d love to hear from you at

Similarly, if you are a reviewer and you are eager to spread your message and have a polite, fun yet lively discussion with a subject you’ve reviewed – then please email us at

(Disclosure – No critics or subjects were harmed in the creation of this post)




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