Conservative Twitter Claims NY Times Cropped Bush Out of Selma Photo


The New York Times’ front page Sunday morning led with a photo of President Barack Obama and scores more marching in Selma on the fiftieth anniversary of Bloody Sunday, the landmark civil rights event. One photoshopper even blended the photo of yesterday’s march with an original from 1965:

But it didn’t take long for conservative Twitter to notice something:

The Times’ photo was contrasted with another one taken at roughly the same moment, in which Bush is visible on the right hand side:

Alas, there’s no proof the Times’ photo was altered in any way. (Contrast this, for instance, with the disappearing act an Israeli newspaper pulled on Angela Merkel from a Paris march.) The two photos above are different, and one was clearly taken from a much higher vantage to capture more of the crowd. Times photographer Doug Mills tweeted out his photo 24 hours ago, as it appeared later on the front page. The photo, one of several he took and tweeted, clearly centered on Obama:

The full-sized picture on the Times’ webpage doesn’t have Bush either.

[Image via Doug Mills/New York Times]

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