Conservative Twitter Crushes Elizabeth Warren’s Ancestry Dream: She’s ‘Even Less Native American’ Than Average American


Senator Elizabeth Warren on Monday released the results of her DNA test along with a video about her family, aggressively pushing back against President Donald Trump‘s relentless mocking of her questionable claim to be of Native American descent.

It was a big splash at first, but it wasn’t long before it became clear she far from laid the questions to rest. As usual, Twitter was the place to follow the story.

In perhaps the most amusing (and least fortunate, if you’re a Warren fan) turn of events, the Boston Globe, which broke the story, had to issue a correction already, and it highlighted the inherent absurdity in the question, and the numbers being discussed, as the Daily Caller’s Saagar Enjeti pointed out.

That’s a heck of a correction to have to make. The DNA expert tapped by Warren to verify her ancestry claim puts her ancestor at six to ten generations back. That’s 1700s or earlier. Apparently the math on those percentages stymied the Globe at first. Bad time for bad math.

But the actual DNA report didn’t require the Globe‘s bad calculator to come up short of vindication for Warren.

A personal favorite:

But this one … this is just brutal. And it even uses a New York Times reference for that extra salt.


Exit question: Should President Donald Trump get a DNA test to see if he’s more Native American than Elizabeth Warren? Patterico and PJ Media’s Paula Bolyard want to know.

The extent of her ancestry will undermine her argument for claiming heritage, but she did prove she has that ancestry. Which means that, like most things, neither side will be conceding any points any time soon.

That’s Twitter’s heritage, and it’s nearly 100%.

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